Tom Rossi is a composer, songwriter, healing arts practitioner and non-denominational minister (Church of Gaiabriel)

Fully ordained through a vigorous six year program at the IM School of Healing Arts in 1996, Tom is trained in wholeness healing, deep emotional processing, energetic work and advanced self-healing techniques. 

With 15 years experience offering his unique Music Healing service for hospice patients, decades of his own personal development work through CORE Energetics, qigong, kriya yoga and meditation, and co-facilitating dozens sacred plant medicine ceremonies, Tom brings depth, heart, expertise and finely tuned sensitivity to his work. 

Tom provides clear and grounded counsel, while creating a safe and confidential environment to assist and support participants in their own healing process to achieve their greatest living potential. 


“Hey Tom 

Been thinking about our talk and wanted you to know how powerful it is to have another man listen carefully to the words and patterns of negative self talk and call it to attention. 

I have spent years worrying about what others think and feel..... and have abandoned myself repeatedly only to be resentful on the other end. 

Especially in my romantic relationships, putting SO much weight on that feminine validation. 

Also.... your gentle approach to dropping into the feelings in the body really resonates with me. 

I am beyond grateful for you and really appreciate you showing up for me and others! 

Cheers man✨” - Nathan