Online via Zoom - every other Wednesday 10am-12pm PST


Local in Pasadena, CA - every other Thursday 7pm-9pm PST


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What you get

  • 2 hour session twice a month. Groups are limited to 6-8 guys, so it stays intimate with plenty of time for everyone to get support and work done. 
  • Community and brotherhood. 
  • Group dynamic work is very powerful as a stand-alone mode of therapy. Also, the perfect augmentation to quicken growth, if you already have ongoing one-on-one therapy. 


    What is required

    • One time interview, 30 min (allow for 60 min just in case), free. 
    • 3 month commitment. Quarterly investment in yourself puts your skin in the game, so  when your ego wants to cut and run in the face of challenge, you’ll make sure to show up and take full advantage of this opportunity for your greatest growth. 


      What’s the fee

      • $50 per session = $100 month = $300 quarterly.

      Join Us

      Quarterly commitment

      $300 via PayPal