"Working through the vicious circle with Tom was a soul awakening experience. 

The deep dives, pointed inquisitions, and embodiment exercises paired with Tom’s music facilitated the access to my shadow like never before. 

Tom is a black belt with his art and mindfulness. I look forward to future offerings."  


Inner Child Workshop: The Vicious Circle  

Schedule: TBA  


Limited to 8 men for maximum participant benefit.  

This is an advanced course, so please read info below thoroughly.


This workshop is based on a Pathwork lecture called The Vicious Circle.  

The Vicious Circle lecture is one of the most fundamental and powerful insights into the human psyche, shedding light on defensive and protective patterns we develop in childhood that affect us for the rest of our lives, and how we can begin to dissolve them.  

For those on the true path of self-mastery, this is life-changing, game up-leveling knowledge.

To enhance this experience, I will play live on various instruments and vocalizations, a selection of musical interludes, customized to help you absorb this new information deeper into your subconscious and emotional body through deep listening, physical movement and meditation.  

We will go over the deeper layers, the knowledge and effect of The Vicious Circle lecture via discussion, exercises and meditation.  

These are the 3 main aspects you will come away with and have in your self-expansion toolbox for the rest of your life:  

Awareness Sophistication  
Greater Awareness Method  
Self-Mastery Application  



Email me and I will send you the Vicious Circle lecture.  Go to CONTACT page.

In the next 3 days, read the lecture and email me 3 points that you learned from it that you liked or didn’t like.  

Because there’s a limited amount of spots, it’s really important that everyone’s all in and plays full out.  

After you respond to me, I will send you the invoice. Once you pay you’re in.  


* Once onboard, you must read the lecture at least 2 more times before the workshop, and prepare a few sentences documenting your experience, reactions and takeaways.