Wisdom Support Circle offers deep process work and brotherhood for men who desire support and accountability to live their most powerful lives, hone balanced self-awareness and cultivate a strong foundation of inner fulfillment and radiant self love.  

Witness the truth, that you are not alone in your shadow and your joy.  

When fellow group members work on themselves to uncover their own light, however messy or confronting, this deep process work offers the opportunity to see ourselves and reflect on our own issues with more clarity and compassion.  

In this safe and reverent circle of respect and honor, we come together to hold each other to our highest living potential.


Whether you're new to deep process work, or have been doing it for a while, join us!

Click the link above to reach out, send any questions or inquiries - Online Zoom circle TBA - Live, in-person Pasadena, CA circle coming soon.

 It's time to break the destructive patterns of isolation!

 Wisdom Support Circle is here for you, and Tom Rossi, as creative facilitator, will be speaking directly to the part of you that wants to be free and empowered. You will keep being invited back to your Self. We will take one step at a time, together.

 Especially as men, we are conditioned to ignore our feelings and sensitivities in order to achieve, to do, to fix, to belong, to be “better than that”, to BE A MAN.

 How’s that working for you? Even if you are “successful” with money, sex, whatever… Are you really deeply happy? If you really are, you wouldn’t be reading this.

We are all carrying something heavy and burdensome within us. Mostly this is pain and unfelt emotions from childhood trauma.

In Wisdom Support Circle, you will hear your own issues that you thought were only yours come out of the mouths of fellow brothers as they work through their own stuff.

Learn simple techniques to move your stuck energy and stay grounded.

There is no demand or obligation to share. Simply showing up to listen is huge.

If you have something you need to work on and receive support with, bring it.